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Nanas                                           Lead - Ma. Angelica   Dir. Tatiana Pandiani

Luz                                                Lead - Luz                   Dir. Jose Zayas

                                                                                           La MaMa Theatre

The Girl Who Died Often              Lead - Mishna           Dir. Gamaliel Valle

                                                                                           Repertorio Español

The A is for Abortion Play           Lead -  Clarissa         Dir. Joana Bowser

                                                                                           Fringe NYC

Crossings                                      Lead - Adriana          Stages on the Sound

The Death of a Dream                   Lead - Carmen          Dir. Frank Perez

The Lovers of Upper Manhattan  Supporting Merla     E3Outlaws Productions

Build Your Own                              Lead - Millie              Dir. Charles Goforth

Right Size                                       Supporting - Sheila  Dir. Richard Mover

Height: 5'1''

Weight: 113lb

Hair: Black



Exposed                    Supporting - Rosa       Dir. Gee Malik Linton

                                                                          Prod. Keanu Reeves & Robin Gurland

Nueva York                Supporting - Irene       Dir. Manolo Celi (Discovery Channel)

Dear Pope Francis     Lead - Maria                Dir Gauri Adelkar

Marie                           Lead - Marie                Dir. Kristia Coombs

4 Latas                        Supporting - Rosa       Dir. Perla Cruz

The Last Interview     Lead - Sharon             Dir. Alan Tacle (Tacle Productions)

Threesome                 Lead - Kassie              Dir. Jaime Puerta

Big Boy                       Lead - Kirtan               Dir. Eric Pellerin (Horizon Pictures)

Welcome Dance         Lead - Maria                Dir. Catalina Parra                  



We Speak NYC                                 Supporting - Alicia        Dir. George LaVoo

Latino Go Pro                                    Supporting - Carmelita  FLAMA - UNIVISION

Chilean Intervention                          Supporting - Peru          FLAMA - UNIVISION

Suzie                                                 Supporting - Sofia         C. Miggs Productions

Talk with an Expert (2 Episodes)       Supporting - July           HealthiNation


Filmmaking: New York Film Academy


Producing / Directiing / Writing / Acting: Labyrinth Theatre


HB Studio full-time International Student Program (3 year program) 

• Technique/Scene/Character Work/Improv: Carol Rosenfeld, Edward Morehouse, Rochelle Oliver

• Sense Memory/Shakespeare: Carol Goodheart

• Meisner: Rochelle Oliver

• Voice/Fitzmaurice Technique: Ilse Pfeifer

• Speech/Accent Reduction: Amanda Quaid

• Dance and Movement: Michael Blake


Hagen Teacher Training: HB Studio


English / Spanish Voiceover Manuel Herrera


Fluent English and Spanish, Basic French, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Aerobics, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Bike Riding, Good with Animals, Valid Driver's License.

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